Select the most appropriate payment means to optimize your cash-in operations.

Optimize transaction-associated costs

Select the most appropriate payment option to allow your itnernational customers to pay in local currency.

Geolocalize international payments

Share your online payment services between several e-shops.

Centralize payment systems


BTop is a set of tools for managing online payment services. It helps you optimizing and simplifying your online payment operations.

Easy administration

BTop shows a plain-and-easy administration interface for managing seller accounts as well as payment plugins.


Each seller account has its own control panel to monitor and optimize cash transactions.

Secure payment

After selecting their payment method the customer is redirected to an approved banking partner and payments are securized through HTTPS on PCI/DSS servers.

Transaction list

BTop displays an efficient search engine, optimized to retrieve payment operations and monitor banking activity.

Payment methods

BTop is compatible with any means of payment: credit/debit card, sms, cheque, cash, virtual money...


BTop is currently available in English and French. The interface will soon be translated in other languages...


Integrate an easy-to-use payment solution to your e-commerce application.


BTOP is the solution for managing online payments. It is ready-to-use on your Liferay portal (6.1). Available soon on the Marketplace.



BTop is designed according to a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and implements JMS for inter-component communication.



BTop implements asynchronous processing of payment transactions. This feature allows for managing large numbers of transactions. BTop also executes in high-availability clustered environments.



You need to integrate a new payment system? You may extend BTop services to create your own payment modules. To learn more, please refer to our developer documentation.



To integrate BTop to your e-commerce application, download our Java client library.


Core technologies


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